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Columbus in America (2018)

Columbus in America (2018)

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Year: 2019 Runtime: 88 min
Director: Paul Puglisi
Actors: Jonathan Zimmerman, Roberto Borrero, James Loewen, Kirkpatrick Sale

Description of movie: Columbus in America (2018)

Filmmaker Paul Puglisi traveled across the US to make sense of the controversy surrounding of one of America's most enduring symbols – Christopher Columbus. Conversations with cultural leaders, historians, activists, authors and educators bring to life the perspectives that molded a 15th century sailor into a genocidal conqueror, a messenger of Christ, a cultural icon and a patriotic hero in a land he never knew existed. With our current socially and politically charged atmosphere in America, young people who have been raised with instant access to information are learning what they aren't taught in school about the consequences of one of the most monumental events in human history. They are leading a movement to re-think what Columbus stands for in a nation guilty of its own atrocities against Native Peoples.

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