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God’s Country (2012)

God’s Country (2012)

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Year: 2012 Runtime: 96 min
Director: Chris Armstrong
Actors: Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Todd Duffey, Arlene Santana, Suzanne Ford

Description of movie: God’s Country (2012)

Meghan Doherty is a young, talented executive who neglects her mother and close friends to focus on one goal MAKING MONEY. After closing a multi-million dollar deal Meghan is asked by Mr. Randolph Whitaker (her boss/CEO) to close a deal of a lifetime. She's taking her talent to the Mojave Desert in hopes of getting a Christian land owner to turn over his land before auction. With a $100 million dollar potential deal looming, there is nothing that will stand in the way of her getting what she needs to further her career. Not even GOD? The foreclosed land in question, called God's Country, is owned by Eden Graham, a minister who runs a youth camp there, along with his wife and son, Jake. Upon arrival at the camp in her Ferrari and designer clothes, Meghan is clearly not a good fit, but Eden persuades her to stay; he promises to sign over the property to her if, during her weeklong sojourn there at the camp, she is not convinced of the value of what they are doing.

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