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Mommy’s Prison Secret (2017)

Mommy’s Prison Secret (2017)

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Year: 2017 Runtime: 90 min
Director: John L'Ecuyer
Actors: Kelli Williams, Niamh Wilson, Sarain Boylan, Conrad Coates

Description of movie: Mommy’s Prison Secret (2017)

Taylor Reynolds, a typical suburban mom, who made some bad life decisions and was sentenced to three years in jail for a DUI and possession of drugs. After her release, Taylor fights the stigma of her past misdeeds, works to regain the support of her daughter Bianca and husband Jeff, and once again become a contributing member of society. But just when Taylor's life is getting back on track, her former cellmate and career criminal, Meghan Flanagan, unexpectedly appears and invades Taylor's world. Meghan has a devious plan. She wants Taylor to come clean and confess the truth behind her early release. Taylor will stop at nothing to keep her family safe from Meghan, even if it means stepping back into the world she ultimately escaped.

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