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Strike (2018)

Strike (2018)

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Year: 2019 Runtime: 95 min
Director: Trevor Hardy
Actors: Ken Stott, Lizzie Waterworth, Alex Kelly, Naomi McDonald

Description of movie: Strike (2018)

Mungo Morrison is a young mole who is due to begin work at his proud father’s side in their hometown’s legendary gold mine. While his best friends are excited to be in the mine, Mungo secretly dreams of becoming a professional footballer. However, desperate not to upset his father, as well as being a small mole and unable to play football in bright light, Mungo sadly resigns himself to life as a miner. When the mine is forced to shut down after a mysterious accident, an evil and gold-obsessed supervillain known only as ‘The Boss’, attempts to bully the townsfolk into selling him the mine. Against all odds and with a little help from his whacky friends, Mungo begins an epic adventure of thrills, laughs, action and peril, as he hurtles towards the Wild Cup football finals in Russia and a final, breathtaking showdown with ‘The Boss.’

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