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The Millennial Dream (2016)

The Millennial Dream (2016)

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Year: 2016 Runtime: 42 min
Director: Tim E. Davidson
Actors: Steve Beuchesne, Brandon G. Donnelly, Ian Fogarty, Seth Godin

Description of movie: The Millennial Dream (2016)

The American Dream Is the cultural motif that has inspired North America for the last century. Work hard, save, sacrifice and you will get ahead. America offers the freedom of upward mobility. But over the last decade the American Dream has been called into question. For many, it no longer seems to be working. The MILLENNIAL DREAM is a feature length documentary that explores the values that may replace the cultural motif known as The American Dream. As the Millennial generation becomes the most significant portion of the work force what will change about what we want from our jobs, what education will look like, what kinds of companies will succeed in the new economy and what kinds of living communities will be desired? And what can cities and regions do to attract the new economy? Interviews with experts such as Seth Godin and the personal reflections of young workers will stir debate and dialogue around what might emerge as the Millennial Dream.

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